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Dialy The Storyteller - Boujou Badialy Cissoko

Dialy, pronounced, ‘Gee-AH-lee’, means Storyteller in the West African language of Mandinka. 

‘Dialy the Storyteller’ is a contemporary blend of Senegalese Folk and Americana, that captures the prayers and masterful kora (African Harp) playing of a West African storyteller, Boujou Badialy Cissoko. 

Boujou Badialy Cissoko, was born in the village of Kazamasa, Senegal, West Africa, into a family of storytellers, who keep the musical tradition and beauty of Senegal alive….. 

Dialy, is orchestrated with musical accompaniment by some of the world’s top recording artists, including such greats as the legendary percussionist Ms. Bobbye Hall (Joni Mitchell/Marvin Gaye), the bass playing of Ian Walker (K.D. Lang), Jon Osman on guitar (Paula Cole), Greg Ellis providing percussion (Vas), and Quinn on drums (Tracy Chapman). 

After the passing of Boujou’s father, the legendary Kora player, Bakary Cissoko, Boujou and music producer Shannon Michael Terry traveled to Senegal to record the vocal performances of Boujou and his sisters, Fatu Cissoko and Dialy Sira Cissoko. In this musical homage to their father, the sisters provided the essential feminine resonance that each story needed to complete the journey home.

released 13 April 2013 

Produced by Shannon Michael Terry 
Co-produced by Keith Jones

Boujou Badialy Cissoko < kora, vocals 
Dialy Sira Cissoko and Fatu Cissoko < vocal arrangement and performance 
Ian Walker < bass 
Jon Osman < piccolo bass and guitar 
Mz Bobbye Hall < elegant percussion 
Domonic Dean Breaux < saxophone and flute track 3,4,7 
Papis Cissoko < keys and horn melody track 4 
Don Barrozo < trumpet track 4 
Paul Tchounga < drums track 4,8 
Quinn < drums and percussion track 2, 5, 6 
Greg Ellis < percussion track 1, 3, 6, 7 
Munyungo Jackson < percussion track 8 
Shannon Michael Terry < array mbira track 2 
Aziz Faye < sabar drums track 4 

All songs by Boujou Badialy Cissoko 
Except track 6 by Walker, Hall, Ossman, Cissoko 

All Same to God - BoujouBumBastick

BoujouBumBastick is the harmony between the kora, bass, and drum. This unique trio-based group was conceived in October 2,000. Since that time, they have developed a sound and style of their own. This blend of African and American styles has created a new sound in the African-American music genre. Their music is full of passion and power, embodying much of the Old (Tradition) and the New (School). Their sound is identifiable by its simplicity and straightforwardness. The result, contemporary beats mixed with Traditional rhythms accompanying a 21st century Griot. 

The group features the Senegalese Sensation, Badialy Cissoko. Badialy, nicknamed "BouJou," is a virtuoso kora player and an exceptional singer. BouJou writes and sings about his love for God, and of his many experiences in life. Accompanying him on bass guitar is Mark London Sims. Mark provides the bottom end; laying down a thick heavy groove with his mix of reggae, funk, and world styles. Drummer Marcus L. Miller adds his "Rhythmic Sense" to the mixture, by supplying rhythms and beats from Africa, Jamaica, and the Americas. Miller brings the swing that propels the rhythm. 

In its short time, BoujouBumBastick has recorded one album entitled All Same to God and is soon to release it's follow up CD. The group has appeared at the Knitting Factory-L.A., Reggae on the River, the North Beach Jazz Festival, the Harriet & Charles Luckman Theatre, Boston's NEMO conference, and collaborated with the Lula Washington Dance Theatre at the John Anson Ford Theatre.


Released in 2002.

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